All know that food acts a great factor in human blood pressure level. Some reduce blood pressure and others increase it. Here you top 5 food help you to reduce your blood pressure and keep it in normal levels without any side effects unlike blood pressure medecines.

Reduce your blood pressure

Here you the list of top 5 foods :

1 - Spinach.
Spinach is the most important food that lower blood pressure as it  the richest source of magnesium and potassium.
2 - Dark chocolate.
Eat a mount of 25- 30 calories of dark chocolate every day, you will never have a problem of high blood pressure as dark chocolate is rich with flavanols which greatly decrease blood pressure.
3 -  Soya Beans.
all know that soya is rich with proteins specially potassium which help to decrease blood prussure level.
4 - Tomatoes
Tomatoes is considered as a rich antioxidants which helps in lowering blood pressure level.
5 - Skimmed Milk
skimmed milk is one of the most important food to human health, as it loaded with Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin D and that content are the most lower of blood pressure.

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